Lamb’s Fold believes education is critical to the success of each of our residents.  A specific curriculum has been designed to address each area where help may be needed; the case manager works with the resident to identify which topics she needs most.  Case managers ensure each resident has received education in each of the areas which would most benefit her and her children.


Life skills classes include:   nutrition, obesity prevention, health, parenting, child development, personal finance and budgeting, workforce development, organizational skills, time management and more.  Residents enjoy the opportunity to interact with area professionals and health care specialists at workshops held at Lamb’s Fold in such areas as Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids; Exercise, Disease Prevention, Job Coaching, Interview Preparation, and more.


Recovery classes include:  Healthy Relationships vs. Unhealthy Relationships, Effects of Alcohol and Drugs, Appropriate Child Discipline, Breaking Addictions, Healthy for Life, Peer Support Groups, Group Counseling for Addictions, Group and Individual Counseling for Domestic Violence.