Lambs Fold provides Transitional Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs for homeless and abused women and their children. These housing opportunities are for women 18 years and older who have mental illness disabilities and the housing is provided through scattered site leasing.

In 2001, Lamb’s Fold formed a partnership with Trinity Services to provide permanent supportive housing services to homeless disabled women and their children. These homes are scattered sites in the Joliet community.

Trinity Services has over 50 years’ experience in helping disabled persons lead normal lives to the greatest extent possible. This innovative collaboration provides supportive housing services to disabled women and their children, including food, clothing, personal care items, and supplies; a dedicated case manager; educational classes and vocational training; tutoring; job research; resumes and job coaching; transportation; advocacy; life skills classes such as Parenting; Healthy Relationships; Child Development; Nutrition; Obesity Prevention; Personal Finance; Organization and Recordkeeping, and more.
Residents are encouraged to increase their education and become as self-sufficient. Some residents are able to work a few hours a week and specific supports such as transportation are available to assist these residents in doing so.
This HUD-funded program provides community improvement by filling a gap in greatly-needed services to this population of homeless women and their children.

Lamb’s Fold is an opportunity for women to become empowered to regain their independence and self-sufficiency.

Over our 29 year history, we have housed over 4,300 women and children, providing them with more than 650,000 meals.

Lamb’s Fold leases homes/apartments for our residents, subsidizes utilities, and provides food, clothing, diapers, personal products, furniture, household goods, etc.  These items then belong to the resident and go with the family.

The Lamb’s Fold is always in need of nonperishable, in-code food items.   95% of the food we distribute to our residents is donated.   If your group would like to do a drive for us, please call us at for details.