Lamb’s Fold Frequently Asked Questions

1. I hear the Lamb’s Fold has changed its program. What is different?

Lamb’s Fold moved to a community-based transitional program in July, 2011. This means the families we serve are housed at undisclosed locations in the community—apartments or houses. We still provide all the same supportive services to the residents, just at different locations. This format is preferable to the families, as it is very encouraging to complete the curriculum in order to attain/regain complete independence.

2. How long can I stay in the Lamb’s Fold program?

The regular program is 18 months; if you need more time to get on your fee, a 6 month extension may be available upon request.

3. Can I leave before 18 months?

Definitely. This is a voluntary program. But we hope you will stay as long as you need to in order to be successful. Some women need a few months; some need a longer time. It’s up to you. We’re here to help you!

4. Is there a fee for services in the Lamb’s Fold program?

No. Women who have income, such as employment, are invited to contribute a small percentage of their income which can be considered “rent.” This is to create a positive, current rent history so women are eligible to rent a house or apartment in the community when they leave Lamb’s Fold. We provide a reference to future landlords confirming the resident’s positive rent history. In a competitive renting environment, where there are very few affordable units available, a positive rent history is important to being able to rent an apartment in the future.

5. Will people find out I am in the Lamb’s Fold program? I don’t want other people knowing where I am.

No. We protect your confidentiality. We are not permitted to acknowledge a resident lives in our program unless she has given written consent to the staff to do so, and then only for the individuals/agencies she specifies.

6. How is the Lamb’s Fold funded?

Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children is funded primarily by private donations from individuals, churches, foundations, civic organizations, clubs, and businesses. We also receive grant funds from the State and Federal governments. Our staff and volunteers work very hard at fundraising and hold two major fundraisers each year to generate funds: a Golf Outing in July/August and our Annual Dinner and Auction in February. Revenue from these events generates significant portion of our operating expenses.