Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children Needs List

Our most urgent need is for financial donations to provide for the direct needs of our residents.

Lamb’s Fold is now housing our residents in their own apartments in the community, as Cornerstone does.  We provide their rent and utilities for their individual homes, as well as food, clothing, diapers, supplies, etc.


Food items needed:

Instant Mashed Potatoes


Miracle Whip




Peanut Butter





Fruit Juice

Canned tomato sauce, paste, etc.


Canned Chicken

Pancake Mix

Pancake Syrup


Paper & Cleaning Products:

Paper towels, toilet paper

Trash bags, kitchen size

Baby wipes

Diapers, size 4, 5 and 6; Pull ups all sizes

Liquid Laundry products

Dish Soap


All purpose cleaner, like Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol etc.

Pledge or similar

Misc:  Ziploc bags, all sizes; Plastic wrap ; New bath towels


Summer clothing for women and children, all sizes.

Summer sandals/shoes for women and children

Transportation Needed by Working Moms—Can you help??

Lack of transportation is one of the leading barriers to independence and success for our residents.  Public transportation is somewhat lacking in our area; trains only go between Joliet and Chicago; bus service is limited.  Many employers are not located on bus lines at all, or if they are, bus schedules often do not coincide with working hours.

Do you have a vehicle you can donate to the Lamb’s Fold for a resident?   Donated vehicles need to be mechanically sound (not needing immediate repairs) and relatively economical to drive (a vehicle with very poor gas mileage would not be cost-effective).    They do not have to be new or beautiful.  Vehicles donated to Lamb’s Fold are tax-deductible as provided by law; check with your tax professional for advice on this matter.   Rather than trade in your older used vehicle for a minimal amount, why not donate it to a family in need?

Your unused vehicle can change lives!  Just think what a difference it would make to a woman trying to regain her independence—transportation to work, medical appointments, school, etc., would be an enormous blessing!   Often a vehicle is what is needed to get a job (or keep one).   It is tough to obtain or retain employment if you can’t get to the job.

Please call the Lamb’s Fold Program Supervisor for further information at .