Current Needs List

1.    Prayers – Lamb’s Fold relies on its friends and community partner to pray for our clients, board of directors, staff, volunteers and donors. Without these prayers and these people, this organization will not be able to continue its efforts ministering to single moms and their kids.

2.    Cash, Check, Credit Card or Online DonationsThis is the most important priority for Lamb’s Fold.

These donations provide direct assistance to our program and to our residents for items such as rent, utilities, food, and so much more. Please call us, click the Donate button, or send you gift to the address below. You can make a huge difference to the women and children!

3.    In-kind Gifts:

       a.    Most Urgent In-Kind Needs

              i.    Diapers (Sizes 4, 5 and 6, please), Pull-ups & Baby Wipes

              ii.    Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc.)

b.    Cars (Lack of transportation is one of the leading barriers to independence and success for our residents.  Rather than trade in your older used vehicle for a minimal amount, why not donate it to a family in need? Your unused vehicle can change lives!)

c.    Other Items

i.    Instant Mashed Potatoes

ii.    Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip

iii.    Mustard

iv.    Catsup

v.    Jelly

vi.    Peanut Butter

vii.    Popcorn

viii.    Snacks

ix.    Nuts

x.    Spaghetti-O’s

xi.    Fruit Juice

xii.    Canned tomato sauce, paste, etc.

xiii.    Tuna

xiv.    Canned Chicken

xv.    Pancake Mix

xvi.    Pancake Syrup

xvii.    Liquid Laundry products

xviii.    Dish Soap

xix.    Bleach

xx.    All purpose cleaner, like Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol etc.

xxi.    Pledge or similar

xxii.    Ziploc bags, all sizes

xxiii.    Plastic wrap

xxiv.    New bath towels

Please call Lamb’s Fold for further information at 815-723-5262.