Lamb’s Fold has been more than an inspiration. It has been a place for restoration and a second chance in life.

I lost my mom due to cancer when I was twelve years old. In the midst of feeling lost and alone I was then diagnosed with chronic asthma, and the effect was devastating to me. I therefore married at a young age. Becoming a victim of domestic violence would make my life even more difficult.

When I came to the Lamb’s Fold, I was at my lowest point and pregnant with my daughter. All I could think was, “How can I face life?” I gave up hope and began to lose myself. I thought, “The last place that anyone wants to be is at a homeless shelter.”

Lamb’s Fold showed me that they were not just a shelter, but also a home for me to restore my life with time, patience, and prayer. They never gave up on me, and opened my eyes to a better life for my daughter and me. Over time, I was able to get out of the violent marriage and receive counseling to strengthen my mind and spirit. I also received the courage to go back to school and earned a Nursing Assistance Certification.

I have even been blessed enough to get a car. Being able to be blessed and to receive a car is a life changing experience. I would like to share my appreciation by saying that it will help me be more self-sufficient and accomplish more in my life with my daughter. I am now able to go to attend all my appointments with my health specialist and can control my asthma.

Lamb’s Fold has given me hope for a better future for my daughter and me. The staff are very caring and supportive to every woman and child’s need.

I am now a full-time student at Joliet Junior College, studying to become a Registered Nurse. I am a PTO mom at my daughter’s school. Having a car will allow me to spend less time riding buses and more time towards school and my daughter’s life. Having a car will also give me a chance to do what my heart desires, and that is to volunteer at the Children’s Hospital. I have spent most of my childhood in a hospital and was cared for in a special way. The volunteers gave their time just to make me smile, even on my gloomy days. I would love to see and make other children smile. I want to make my daughter smile too by giving her an education and a happy childhood to end the cycle of abuse. I want to be able to give my daughter a life that will make her heart smile and her memories grow.

- Keisha